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The Falling apart period, What is it and how to live through it!

Tuesday, 20 October, 2009

The Falling Apart Period…I was introduced to this by Carole Dore,  Author of  "The Emergency Handbook for Creating Money Fast".  This book changed everything for me and I now have come to interpret what is happening in my journey to a life of bliss.

You cannot move into your vision until your current reality changes and conforms to what you are manifesting into existence.  For instance…. I have been asking for and visioning that I have multiple sources of income that come to me through my Vemma business and as an online entrepreneur.  (In order for your vision to manifest,  your current reality has to go away/dissolve/destruct!  this may at first look & feel like your life is falling apart and your current reality is!  Although, if you do not fall apart as well during this time,  you will notice that while one part of your life is moving out of existence,  another is moving into form).

For me, this was a financial crisis that I was not prepared for!  My current companies revenue dropped by 3/4 of what we were used to making, but the overhead did not go down.  We were unable to pay our mortgage or any of our financial obligations.  At the same time that all of this was happening my Vemma Business was growing exponentially without much effort on my part.  Incredible opportunities online were jumping out at me consistently as I am starting an online business.  I would not have been able to get through this situation without the knowledge of what was happening to me.

There is so much synchronicity that was happening all at the same time as my world was falling apart, it is hard to describe.

My suggestion to those who find themselves trying to manifest what they want, but it seems as though everything is going wrong,  is to stay tuned to this blog!  I will go into much more detail about all of the synchronizations and how everything will start to fit together like a jigsaw…you just cannot waiver, you must have faith, you must have gratitude now.   Together we can get through this,  you must have support so that you do not fall apart as well.

To learn more about Carole Dore and her programs click on the link to her site in my "Teachers Directory".   If you are interested in Carole Dore’s book  "The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money Fast", I am sorry but they may be sold out.  Although,  Carole will be doing a "Create Money Fast" teleclass on 3/24/09…Go sign up, this will change your life.

Till we meet again,


The part of The Law of Attraction no one tells you about - “The Falling Apart Period”

Monday, 12 October, 2009

I have been working with the Law of Attraction principals daily and studying every teacher that I can on how to make The Law of Attraction work for me!  I am completely dedicated to mastering this lifestyle of deliberate creation to live a blissful happy existence!  A while back when we were in the middle of the devastation of this "Falling Apart Period" I had to sit and write my thoughts about what I was mentally going through at this particular time.  Here is what I wrote:

The Journey:

Beginning - Business success, financial abundance and stability.  Enjoying a blissful experience in life of business ownership, parenting and fun vacations!

Spiritual Awakening - The Secret - Law of Attraction - The Great Spirit Within - Finding out that I am responsible for every single solitary thing that happens in my life and learning how to harness The Law of Attraction through the power of the universe, Law of Attraction, meditation, remote influencing my future moving onto the path of providing service to others through a new business where I can help people with their health and wealth is a much more fulfilling path to wealth than our current circumstance in business!

The Falling Apart period - I understand that this is a falling apart period because I have asked for a different path for my financial stability.  Although during this period in the 3rd dimension the experience (mentally) is horrifying.   Fear has gripped my life around the throat and is holding on tight!  I am unable to see the bliss of the future while I am struggling to make enough cash flow with the business that has failed (I know it is failing because I have no passion for it anymore and want a new path to wealth and asked for it, contemplated on it and set the intention for it!)  I know it is happening right now.  I know that The One (God, the universe, the Divine), is moving me out of the old and into the new.  although the new is not stable enough at the current moment to stabilize our financial life in the 3rd dimension at this moment in the  3rd dimention I do not know how to only live in the 4th and 5th dimension while  my 3rd is falling apart around me!

I know that the future is bright!  I am just unsure of how to hang on during this falling apart period that must happen in order to move into the new blissful life that is in store for our family.  The only saving grace in this life for me right now is Darren (my Husband) who stands by and watches me fall apart and lose my mind over and over and over and over and over!  GOD GIVE ME STREANGTH!  I MUST INVITE TRANSITION AND WELCOME RE-ARRANGEMENT~

If you have been working on getting The Law of Attraction to work in your favor and you are going through a similar scenario, please know that this means that it is working……you are in the re-arrangement period, things are being pulled out of your life so that what you have been trying to attract can come into physical existence!  Know that there are others out there in the same situation!

I have come to realize that all of the information out there today on The Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Visualization does not divulge this information.  Nothing out there helps you to understand that when things start to fall apart around you, that this is necessary in order for you to move into the new universe that you have been working so hard to manifest!

This information needs to be exposed to all people who are working to make LOA work for them so that they don’t think that it is not working!

Darren and I have the steps to get through this period and move onto financial bliss!  Stay tuned for your step by step daily process to move through this crisis and onto your manifestations of financial bliss!

Until next time,

Lisa McCullough

Believe in your power within and it will guide you

Sunday, 28 June, 2009

"The power within you is the only source of your supply" your source is not anything in the 3rd dimension (your job or business). You may receive gods love in the form of money from those area’s but your source of supply is "The Spirit of God within" When you know that and have unwavering faith that this is true, all of your dreams will come true! Your source "The Spirit of God within" will pour love into your life in the form of money from every area!
Oh, I just love it!

"The Spirit of God within me is the only source of my supply"

Law of Attraction World Recomended Resources

Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

How can I “be happy now”, when all this &%#$ is happening in my life?

Tuesday, 10 March, 2009

Let me start with how I got to this point!

For the last 15 years we (my husband Darren & I) have owned & operated a thriving, traditional small business in a small community of western Washington State.  After watching “The Secret” for the 1st time in June of 07, the light bulb came on!  As our family sat out on our deck in the summer sun watching this film, it was an afternoon of “Oh my gosh, that’s what we do”,  “This all makes sense now”, “Holy cow, now I get why that happened”  “Wow, we’ve been living this way, but didn’t know what it was called”…. How about you?  I am sure many people had the same experience as we did when watching “The Secret” for the 1st time.

Well, from that day forward we were hooked!  We have been on a mad quest to master The Law of Attraction and absorb as much information and LOA material as we can possibly get our hands on!  I was interested in the programs that Bob Proctor put out and taught.  Long story short we purchased the SGR Briefcase from Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield & Rev. Michael Beckwiths ”The SGR Club” Darren & I have become heavily involved with Bob Proctors programs and are now Certified City Leaders with Bob Proctors “The SGR Club”.  We are founding members of Bob Proctors “The Chairman’s Club” have been to his Symposiums and Cruises.  I was equally drawn to and impressed with Joe Vitale for his willingness to reach out and really delve deep into this material for people and truly teach the deep down fundamentals of living a prosperous life, not just monetarily, but in all areas of ones life!  I have purchased just about everything Joe Vitale has put out.  I have almost every book he has written and most of the audio & video programs that he has in the marketplace as well as all of his “Hypnotic Marketing” series of products.

As I dove deep into my new found passion for The Law of Attraction, new and exciting opportunities popped up in front of my face!  Darren & I started working on building another source of income through a ground floor opportunity with a Nutrition Company that we found through Bob Proctor.  Working with our new found passion, we are able to truly impact peoples lives with better health and in creating residual long term income and wealth.  As the months flew by and our attention was primarily focused on our nutrition business, we relied on our current employees to run our traditional small service company.  Without motivation, inspiration and passion to grow and expand the business from us, sales suffered.  Then when the economy for small business owners started to turn in July 08 (in our case anyway) we found ourselves not being able to make payroll, getting behind on the advertising payment and our vendor accounts.  Fear settle into the minds of the American public and they stopped spending any more than they absolutely have to.  Darren and I had to dive back into the business and run it by ourselves again.  Unfortunately the passion was gone for that business!  Although through out this journey I was able to attract money when I needed it, with the help of the programs that I had immersed myself in, there is still not a want to even do anything with that business.  With our advertising too far behind to catch up and a December of constant snow and freezing weather that brought our business to a standstill for a full 3 weeks…

During this trying time it is very difficult to stay focused on prosperity, abundance and “Being Happy Now”  I almost went down the “This stuff doesn’t work” road!  But in that time of desperation and the need for something to snap me out of my current state, what happened but…….. as they say “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”…Well I ended up being able to purchase a copy of Carol Dore’s book “The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money Fast” that I had been trying to get for over a year!  I will tell the story of that manifestation in another post!  So what I came to realize when studying Carole’s teachings was that what I was experiencing was not failure but “The Falling Apart Period”.  This as well I will explain what I learned, in another post.

So here we are……. the falling apart period that I am working through right now with Dr. Joe Vitale’s unbelievable program “The Secret to Attracting Money”.

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